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Elizabeth Warren’s “BLM” Shoutout Gets Panned By Socialists

Well, we learned a few things from Elizabeth Warren’s Democratic National Convention speech. One, we learned that this woman will stoop to any level necessary to get leftists to like her. Granted, we already knew that from her campaign, but it was nice to get a refresher. Second, we learned that Black Lives Matter is a socialist organization that has no time for mainstream Democrats – even if they are as far to the left side of the spectrum as Warren. Again, this is something we already knew, but maybe it opened the eyes of others who still think BLM is a mainstream movement.

Warren gave her speech from what looked like a kindergarten classroom, and she used her time to go over familiar ground – Biden is suddenly progressive enough for the far-left, Trump botched the COVID response, and so on. But while her speech was devoid of interesting moments, social media users were intrigued by the background. On the cubbies behind Warren, spelling blocks were arranged to give little messages to the viewer. One group said “JOE.” Another group said “BLM.”

Not confident that enough people actually watched the speech to notice or care about the blocks, Warren’s Twitter team sent out a tweet drawing attention to the hidden messages. But while some of Warren’s supporters praised her for these subtle inclusions, socialist accounts supporting Black Lives Matter were unimpressed.

“This was insulting,” tweeted one socialist.

“So excited that the allegedly left-leaning party has to hide even moderate positions like #BLM in an I-Spy puzzle during their actual f*****g convention when they are supposed to be talking about actual goals. Yay for meaningless gestures!” said another BLM supporter.

“Until Warren is on the front lines getting brutalized by riot pigs, this is just an infantilizing stunt, trying to coopt the energy of an organic movement,” said another.

One more socialist feminist wrote, “Warren is a sitting senator with real power and you just decided to spend your time decorating a preschool set instead?”

In fairness to Warren, this was not actually her most embarrassing moment of the week: A day earlier, she presided over the DNC’s Native American Caucus meeting.

No, really.

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