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Former WH Doctor: Biden Doesn’t Have the “Mental Capacity” to Be President

In a call on behalf of the Trump campaign this week, former White House physician Ronny Jackson said that he has observed Joe Biden on the trail this year and has been concerned with what he’s seen.

“I’m pretty familiar with what it takes both physically and cognitively to do that job and what the demands of that job are,” Jackson said. “As a citizen, not as a candidate running for Congress, but as a citizen of this country, I’ve watched Joe Biden on the campaign trail and I am concerned and convinced that he does not have the mental capacity, the cognitive ability, to serve as our commander-in-chief and our head of state.”

It might be noted that Jackson is currently running for Congress under the Republican banner, so questions about his impartiality are fair game. On the other hand, we’re talking about a respected physician who served under George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Trump, so it’s not like he’s some Johnny-come-lately to the party. He knows what he’s talking about, and we doubt he would put his professional medical reputation through the trash compactor just to lob a zinger at Biden.

Also, let’s face it: You don’t need a medical degree to see that there’s something off about the former vice president.

Jackson told reporters that he was not providing a professional evaluation on Biden but merely sharing his observations.

“I’m not trying to remotely diagnose him with anything,” he said. “I’ve not accused him of having Alzheimer’s or anything of that nature.”

However, he continued, Biden’s recent spate of strange gaffes speaks to something larger than his longer history of flubbing lines.

“They’re not the typical gaffes. He routinely gets in the middle of a thought and then loses his train of thought and then he can’t recalibrate where he’s at. He’s actually having a lot of trouble recently articulating words,” he said.

The doctor said that the job of being the president is not for someone who isn’t functioning at 100%.

“This is a demanding job from a cognitive standpoint, you have to be locked on, you have to be articulate, you have to process lots and lots of information and multitask,” Jackson said. “And right now he’s having a really extreme time just focusing on the one task at hand that he has when he stands up in front of voters and tries to explain something.”

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