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Hillary Considering Another White House Bid?

While Hillary Clinton is joining Jill Stein (quietly) in a push for several state recounts, some believe that she’s already mulling the possibility of a third run at the presidency in 2020. Clinton, who lost in the 2008 primaries to Barack Obama before failing once again in 2016, was widely expected to take her final leave from politics in the wake of the Trump upset.

If you believe reporter Ron Fournier, however, Clinton may already be thinking about a comeback.

“Raising doubts about legitimacy of election, even w/out overturning result, is part of Clinton’s plans to keep her options open for 2020,” Fournier tweeted on Monday.

One knows better than to make rash predictions after an election like this one, but this is a hard future to imagine. Hillary may want to run again, but she would not enjoy the establishment support she had this time around. Democrats may or may not learn all of the right lessons from their 2016 losses, but they certainly learned one thing: Hillary Clinton is not a good presidential candidate. And even if, by some miracle, she did gather support from the party apparatus, she would almost definitely be rejected in the primaries. Hell, it almost happened to her this time.

As an individual, Clinton was a terrible nominee. The story of her career is told in scandal, and it’s a story that never seems to end. The emails, Benghazi, Whitewater, Lewinsky, her paid speeches; the list goes on and on. She was the most unpopular Democratic Party nominee of all time, and she never even generated much enthusiasm for her history-making goal of becoming the first female president.

But Clinton was also a terrible nominee from a political perspective. It was almost like someone said, “Okay, there’s an anti-establishment fever in the electorate – who would be the absolute worst candidate to run?” Because it’s hard to imagine anyone who screamed “ESTABLISHMENT” more than a woman who has been in the national political spotlight since 1992. Match that with her lack of charisma and her inability to improvise, and you have a sure loser every time.

From a conservative perspective, we hope she will strongly consider giving it another go.

Speaking from the vantage point of the average American, though…let’s not subject our country to Clinton vs. Trump II. Once was more than enough.

Written by Andrew

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