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HuffPo Columnist Ready for HILLARY 2020 Campaign

In perhaps the greatest sign yet that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is right to be opposed to the spreading legalization of marijuana, a columnist for the Huffington Post wrote this week that he’s ready to be “with her” again for a 2020 challenge to President Donald Trump. We don’t know for sure that writer Andy Ostroy puffs the magic dragon, but it’s the only thing we can imagine would explain his ludicrous proposal: That Hillary Clinton should mount yet ANOTHER campaign for president.

After admitting that Hillary was a terrible candidate from every conceivable angle you could think of, Ostroy goes on to advocate for another run:

I remain committed to the belief that Clinton would be an incredible president. And I believe she not only will run again, as her recent and outspoken re-launch onto the public stage indicates, but that she will also win. No, I’m not crazy. I just believe that history repeats itself. And for that we simply need to look to Richard Nixon.

It was 1960. The first televised presidential debate. Nixon refused make-up. John F. Kennedy, well, he was JFK. The battle pitted the young, charismatic Democratic upstart with the movie-star looks against the nervous, sweaty, 5 o’clock-shadowed, beady-eyed, prematurely-aged Republican. The rest is history. As is Nixon’s startling comeback eight years later to win not one but two presidential elections. Times change. Situations change. People change. Can Hillary? My money’s on yes.

Clinton is perhaps the most qualified candidate in history. A prestigious legal career, eight years as First Lady, another eight as U.S. Senator from New York and four years as Secretary of State. A die-hard progressive who voted 93 percent of the time with Sen. Bernie Sanders when both served together. And, she’s a woman… and it’s fucking time America is led by a woman.

Is it? Why? Oh, it’s just to be understood. Forgot for a minute we were reading the Huffington Post.

There’s really nothing much to say about this, other than…if your best argument for a third Hillary Clinton run is that she has the ability to change everything about herself…well, that’s not much of an endorsement.

We dread the thought of Trump/Clinton II, but hey, if the Democrats aren’t interested in taking back the White House, we’ll be glad to MAGA for another four years!

Written by Andrew

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