Is This the Most Disturbing Abortion Ad of All Time?

A new abortion ad hit the internet this week, and in a world filled with sick pro-choice propaganda, this one may win the award for Most Disturbing of All Time. Produced by the feminists over at the Agenda Project, the 40-second video shows a smiling baby girl on the screen with the title card: “She deserves to be loved.”


“She deserves to be wanted,” the screen text tells us.


And then, in true salesman form, the ad, having gotten you to agree on two points, abruptly demonstrates its real intentions.

“She deserves to be a choice,” it concludes. “Stand with Planned Parenthood.”

If anyone can watch this terrifying ad without feeling a lurch of nausea deep down inside, we’re just not sure what to say. On the one hand, we have to give the Agenda Project credit. At least they’re finally admitting that a “meaningless cluster of cells” we call a fetus will eventually, if left alone, develop into the viable baby that they show in this video. We suppose that’s progress of a sort. But we’re not sure what kind of progress it is that this is a PRO abortion video and not something designed to turn us into a nation of pro-life zealots from here on out. Not only is the video chilling, the implications – that Americans are ready for this kind of shocking baby-killing propaganda – are grim.

At the Daily Wire, conservative author Matt Walsh delved into what was so ugly about the message of the video.

“What makes the message so barbaric is, first, that a baby’s violent murder is presented as something the baby herself deserves,” he writes. “But how could a baby deserve to be executed? To deserve something is to be worthy of it, whether the thing deserved is reward or punishment. So, is the child worthy of punishment? What has she done to earn such a penalty? Or do they mean ‘deserve’ in the sense of reward? Well, what sort of reward is that? Would the makers of this video appreciate being ‘rewarded’ in a similar way? If not, how can they, how can anybody, speak for the child on this matter?”

Stripped down to its core, this ad is really no different than any ad that promotes abortion as a legitimate choice for those carrying a pregnancy. But the fact that the left has become this emboldened about taking off its mask of “women’s healthcare” to present infanticide in such a transparent manner speaks volumes for how far we’ve fallen as a nation – and as a people.

Written by Andrew


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