Jill Stein Disappointed in Sanders’ Clinton Endorsement

Jill Stein, presumptive Green Party nominee, expressed her distaste of Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. Sanders was quoted as saying Clinton will be an “outstanding president.”

Stein tweeted, “If you don’t want to vote for a warmonger or racist billionaire, there are more options. The political revolution will keep going,” just one hour after Sanders’ endorsement. The tweets kept rolling in from Stein, who said, “While Trump praises dictators, Hillary takes their money. Remind us again of Saudi Arabia’s human rights records?”

As Sanders was announcing his endorsement of Clinton in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Stein tweeted, “The revolution continues with those who will fight for a government that represents all of us – not just the 1%.”

Prior to his endorsement of Clinton, Stein offered to step aside and allow Sanders to lead the Green Party ticket. “I’ve invited Bernie to sit down and explore collaboration,” she stated. She continued, “He could lead the ticket and build a political movement.”

Stein, a Sanders supporter was discontent following his endorsement of Clinton, saying, “Many Berning hearts are breaking right now.”

Reports after the endorsement insinuate that Sanders was pushed to endorse Clinton following threats from party members that they would shoot down all of his concessions if he did not endorse Clinton before the convention.

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