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Liberal Writer To Liberals: Your Trump Hysteria Isn’t Helping

Every once in a while, we get a little glimmer of hope for the future of this great nation of ours. Oh, to be sure, we’re excited about having Trump in the White House and even if his legislative agenda is not going as well as we might have hoped, we thank the Lord regularly that it’s him in Washington and not Hillary Rodham Clinton. However discouraging things may seem from day to day, we always remember this mantra: It could have been a lot worse. And since we just lived through “worse” for eight years, it’s really not that tough a trick.

But we are deeply concerned about the radicalization of the left and where that’s eventually going to lead our country. It’s all well and good that Republicans have the power now, but it won’t last forever. Democrats will get their turn again in due time, and with the way things are going right now, it won’t be pretty when they do. The line between American liberalism and socialism has become blurred beyond all recognition, and that’s not even the scary part. The scary part is the outright hysterical nonsense we see spewed on the left every day – some of which comes right up to the line of insurrection. This is a segment of America already trained to hate cops, the Constitution, Christianity, and, to a large degree, white people. God knows what they’re capable of if they get riled up enough.

So it’s satisfying to see that at least a few mainstream liberal writers still have their feet on the ground. You don’t often see cogent political commentary from the leftists over at PBS, but we have to hand it to Shadi Hamid. We probably don’t agree with 5% of the guy’s political opinions, but at least he understands that the “resistance” to Trump is creating more problems than it’s solving.

“We are confronted daily not simply with outrage, but a kind of end-of-worldism: America is on the brink of dictatorship; Trump is going start World War III; the president’s access to the nuclear codes might actually destroy the universe; if he manages to control his impulses, then his withdrawal from the Paris climate change accords will still destroy the universe, just a bit more slowly,” Hamid writes. “As someone who works on the Middle East, I find myself, oddly enough, in a near constant state of relief. Nine months into Trump’s tenure, it could have been better, but it could just as well have been worse, perhaps much worse.

“The world hasn’t ended,” he reminds readers.

After deriding liberals for their silly ideas of impeaching Trump for unproven allegations or having his Cabinet invoke the 25th Amendment to get him removed, Hamid says that the true threat to American democracy is coming not from the president but from his detractors.

“America will survive Trump,” he writes. “It is less clear whether we will find a way past some of our own darker impulses, however well intentioned they might be. Once the door to the criminalization of political and ideological disagreement is opened, it may be near impossible to close it.”

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