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MAJOR WIN: VA Assault Weapons Ban Dies in the Legislature

It takes a hell of a lot for conservatives to come out and protest. Seeing as how we’re the ones who, you know, actually work for a living, it’s no small matter to set time aside to travel to the state capital for a demonstration.

But when you live in Virginia and your Democrat-run legislature is threatening to pass a series of draconian, unconstitutional gun ban laws, you have to take matters into your own hands. That’s what happened last month when, despite all the warnings and alarm bells going up from Gov. Ralph Northam, thousands of patriots gathered in Richmond to let the Democrats know that “…From My Cold, Dead Hands” is still very much the order of the day.

And guess what? It seems to have worked.

From the Washington Post:

A Virginia Senate committee killed a bill on Monday that would have banned the sale of assault-style weapons and possession of high-capacity magazines, handing gun-rights activists a rare win in a Capitol that Democrats won last year on the promise of sweeping gun control.

Gov. Ralph Northam (D) backed the legislation, part of a package of eight gun-control measures he advanced after a shooter killed 12 people at a Virginia Beach municipal building on May 31. Republicans’ refusal to act on those bills last summer, in a special session that they gaveled out in 90 minutes, became a rallying cry for Democrats in November elections. They flipped the state House and Senate blue for the first time in a generation.

The House has passed all eight of Northam’s bills. But four Democrats — Sens. Creigh Deeds (Bath), John Edwards (Roanoke), Chap Petersen (Fairfax) and Scott Surovell (Fairfax) — sided with Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee to reject the assault-weapons bill for the year. On a 10-5 vote, the committee sent the measure to the state’s Crime Commission for study.

Phillip Van Cleave, the man behind the rally last month, said it was a moment for celebration.

“VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he tweeted. “Everybody’s hard work, Lobby Day, and sanctuary movement paid off!”

For his part, Northam released a statement through his office saying he was “disappointed” by the vote.

“Governor Northam fully expects the Crime Commission to give this measure the detailed review that Senators called for,” the statement said. “We will be back next year.”

Perhaps, but an assault weapons ban isn’t going to get any more popular with age. Northam and the Democrats would do well to leave this issue alone.

Written by Andrew

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