Men Have Periods, Too: University Puts Tampons in ALL Bathrooms

According to Oregon State University’s The Daily Barometer, the university will now be putting free feminine hygiene products in all campus bathrooms, “regardless of gender.” Thanks to a student government initiative, the university’s administrators have decided that it’s more important to make sure that trans students can use any bathroom they choose than to continue with the obvious biological divides that have been in place for all of American history (and long before).

The university’s “Queer Affairs Coordinator,” Julian Chu, explained the decision: “We are adding these resources to all bathrooms, as not all students who menstruate are female-identified, some may identify as LGBTQIA+, male, other, etc. Those students may not be comfortable entering a specific bathroom if we provided these resources only in a specific bathroom, and would exclude them from receiving these resources.”

Kylie Boenisch, a student activist and, presumably, someone living in conflict with their biological sex, said, “As someone who menstruates, having access to free products for a normal bodily function will alleviate stress in situations where I may not have a certain product on me and am in need. Products for other normal bodily functions are free in our everyday life, such as toilet paper, tissues, etc. Access to products is not a privilege, it’s a right.”

Well, whether that’s true or not is up for debate, but if access to those products IS a right, there’s nothing stopping biological females (aka, the only type of females that exist) from going into the correct restroom to get their tampons and pads. Here’s a clue: If your brain is telling you that you’re a man but your body needs a tampon, listen to your body.

In an NBC News article last week, transgender model Kenny Ethan Jones made this classic remark: “People are still reluctant to the idea that it’s not only women that experience periods.”

Yes, we’d say that’s an understatement, Kenny. It’s the same we’re reluctant to the idea that the sun is green or that humans can breathe underwater. There’s just something pesky about inherently ridiculous and factually untrue assertions that gets our “reluctance” alarm tingling.

Call us crazy.

Written by Andrew

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