Mitt Romney’s Approval Rating Skyrockets (Among Utah Democrats)

After Sen. Mitt Romney joined Democrats and six other Republican senators to vote to convict Donald Trump on charges of impeachment, Republicans in Utah generated a petition aimed at censuring the former presidential candidate for betraying the party. In the petition, Republican voters accuse Romney of having “misrepresented himself as a Republican” when he ran for his Senate seat in 2018.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports:

The draft censure of Romney includes a list of criticisms. It says Romney “embarrassed the State of Utah” when he was the only Republican senator to vote to convict Trump during his first impeachment trial. Romney had voted to remove Trump for abusing his power by pressuring Ukraine to launch an investigation into then-Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The censure, pushed by party insiders, then attacks Romney for opposing the effort to declare Trump’s second impeachment trial unconstitutional since Trump was no longer in office, and for voting in favor of calling witnesses. It further excoriates Romney for joining six other Republicans to convict Trump on Saturday. It takes two-thirds of senators to remove a president, so Trump was acquitted.

The censure motion concludes Romney used his “senatorial power and influence to undermine” Trump and claims “Romney appears to be an agent for the Establishment Deep State.”

It may seem at first glance that Romney would be regretting his vote right about now, but the truth is that his popularity is soaring through the roof! According to a new poll from Deseret News, he’s now got an astounding 84% approval rating. The only problem? That number is among Utah Democrats.

Womp womp.

At the same time, 64% of Republicans in the state say they disapprove of the job Romney has been doing in Washington.

In remarks to Deseret News, Utah Democratic Party Chairman Jeff Marchant said that Democrats like Romney because he’s not afraid to speak “his truth.”

“I have to be really honest. I’m slightly flabbergasted by the number of Republicans who don’t approve of his performance. He’s certainly a conservative member of the Republican Party with really a singular exception, which is his unwillingness to go along with all of the antics and, frankly, undemocratic tendencies of Donald Trump,” Marchant said.

Yeah, it’s a real mind-bender, Jeff.

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    • Sour grapes can be unsettling on the stomach for some length of time. Nevertheless, he should be able to stay in office with a little help from his friends.

  2. I think Romney the rino needs to change to the demon rat party. he thinks like one, acts like one and by all that’s HOLY is one. he flies around in a jet that damages the ozone layer, is bigger than a warship, and has the gall to say that he “deserves” it. what? this guy wore out his welcome in Mass. and then fled to Utah, where it sounds like his time there is coming to an end. sure hope he doesn’t decide to come to my state. we don’t need him. his kid is just as dirty as Hunter, he just hasn’t had the publicity. Pelosi’s kid is on the same track. that is why they all stick together. they have their fingers in the Chinese “pie”. I dont see how anyone with any kind of sense, and devotion to the United States can be or vote as a democrat. you must really hate this country. like Schumer laughed at the loss of life in Texas due to the failure of the power grid. he almost said they deserved it!!!! he is another useless human. I guess New York must breed these types. look at Cuomo and the governor. neither has an ounce of humanity.

  3. If 64% of Republicans in Utah disapprove of A$$WIPE RINO Romney ,,, then they better get off thier @n@l canal and quit screwing around and push thier GOP to CENSURE him NOW ,, then in 2024 VOTE HIS LIBERAL ASS OUT !!!

  4. That’s the demon who runs there religious beliefs ! Ain’t that something . And utah is consumed by fire . So you are backing this lier , unbelievable and I don’t think Utah is that stupid they see what’s going on .

  5. It’s time for Romney and like minded Republicans to be voted out. I live in Kentucky and unfortunately had to vote for Mitch; only because Amy McGrath was even a worse choice than him. I was hoping he would have got beaten in the primaries. Hopefully we can both find a strong Republican candidate to oust them!

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