NBC: It’s Basically Impossible for Warren to Prove Indian Heritage

At a rally last Thursday, President Trump once again mocked Sen. Elizabeth Warren for her false claim to Native American ancestry, calling her “the fake Pocahontas” and promising to hold her accountable to those claims if she should emerge as his 2020 Democratic challenger.

“I will give you a million dollars to your favorite charity, paid for by Trump, if you take the rest and it shows you’re an Indian,” he said. “I have a feeling she will say no.”

Yah, we have the same feeling. Every time (including this one) that Trump brings up Warren’s unethical and unproven use of her non-existent Native American ancestry to get ahead in her professional career, she quickly changes the subject. After going on what amounted to an apology tour this spring (in which she did not apologize at all), Warren seems ever committed to the lie. She insists that she was told about her Indian heritage as a child, and apparently that is all the proof she ever needed to use her supposed Cherokee blood to get a better job.

“While you obsess over my genes, your Admin is conducting DNA tests on little kids because you ripped them from their mamas,” she wrote on Twitter following the rally.

Okay…but you still lied about being an Indian. Just sayin.

Now NBC is coming to Warren’s rescue and debating the actual legitimacy of Trump’s “take the test” challenge by saying that such a test would not necessarily prove anything.

“DNA tests are not widely accepted as proof of tribal citizenship — in part because the DNA could not show a specific tribe, only some genetic markers from Native people — and are more unreliable for Native Americans than for large ancestral regions like Asia or Africa,” they wrote.

“The reality is she could take a DNA test and have Native ancestry and have it not show up because it depends on which branches of the family tree it’s in and how far back,” independent genealogist Megan Smolenyak told NBC. “That test is very good for finding stuff out going back five, six generations. If you have one great-great-great-great-grant-great grandmother, it’s not going to show.”

Um, if the entirety of your Native American ancestry goes back that far and to that miniscule of a limit, you don’t have any business claiming it as part of your legitimate heritage, now do you?

Warren would earn a lot of respect back if she would just admit that she fudged her Harvard resume back in the day. But with the media apparently set to give her a kind of “who can ever know?” cover, she probably won’t think she has to.

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