NeverTrumper: U.S. “Wouldn’t Survive” Another Four Years of MAGA

David Frum, a supposedly-libertarian conservative who has been driven quite mad by the Trump years, wrote a piece in The Atlantic this week in which he presumes to know that the United States “wouldn’t survive” another Trump term in the White House. Apparently having missed the fact that the first four years of Trump have been a stunning success for both the country and the cause of conservatism – especially up until the coronavirus came and wrecked things momentarily – Frum argues that we will suffer grave political consequences if we continue to let Trump and his administration get away with destroying the “guardrails” that have kept the nation on course.

It may be interesting to note that Frum’s piece dropped on the same day that former President Obama used that same term – “guardrails” – in a speech lamenting the Trump presidency. We suppose we know what the Word of the Day from Democratic Party Central is, anyway.

“Through the Trump years, institutions have failed again and again to check corruption, abuse of power, and even pro-Trump violence,” Frum writes. “As we near the 2020 vote, the Trump administration is attempting to cripple the Postal Service to alter the election’s outcome. The president has successfully refused to comply with subpoenas from congressional committees chaired by members of the opposing party. He has ignored ethics guidelines, junked rules on security clearances.”

Yes, and it’s been beautiful to watch the Democrats squirm and holler as President Trump proves conclusively that they have absolutely no power over him. One of the most fun aspects of the Trump presidency, if we may be so bold.

Frum goes on to say that Trump is the figure that the Founding Fathers feared from the moment they created the presidency.

“The man the Founders dreaded entered the high office they created — and proceeded to abuse that office in just the ways they feared,” Frum warns. “Now that man is seeking a second term, which would be even more abusive and dangerous.”

Abrasive and dangerous…to whom? To the middle class, which is enjoying unprecedented levels of prosperity? To homeowners, who are seeing mortgage rates near their all-time lows? To people who want to see originalists on the Supreme Court? To people who want our nation to enforce its border laws and keep America from being overrun by illegal aliens? To people who want to see China held accountable for its years of theft? To people who want our Second Amendment rights upheld?

No, it doesn’t seem like another four years would be “abrasive and dangerous” to those people at all. But we’re sure it will be disastrous for radical feminists, open-borders enthusiasts, people who despise the police, and people who outright hate everything this country has ever stood for.

Frankly, we’re okay with that!

Written by Andrew


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