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New Scandal: Neil Gorsuch Just Said “Merry Christmas” on TV!

Sometimes we start to think that maybe some of these prominent media leftists are really conservatives in disguise, out there on social media and television to surreptitiously make their supposed ideology look so insane that Americans will have no choice but to go register as Republicans en masse. The only thing that prevents us from believing that is…well, it just doesn’t seem to work. Indeed, millions of left-leaning Americans appear to go right along with the madness, retweeting and memeing and commenting and protesting to support these clearly-insane viewpoints.

Otherwise, it would certainly ease our minds to believe such a thing. It would almost be easier to believe that there’s a handful of rambunctious trolls out there spewing nonsense than to believe that there are people who really buy into this crap. Unfortunately, we have no choice but to look at the evidence and conclude that there is much more mental illness in the world than we used to think.

Take Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch’s recent visit to Fox News. Appearing on the network’s morning show to promote his book, A Republic, If You Can Keep It, Gorsuch had the audacity to wish host Ainsley Earhardt a “Merry Christmas!”

Stop. The. Presses.

“Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch just appeared on Fox and Friends this morning, making a point to parrot the ‘Merry Christmas’ talking point of the GOP,” tweeted Playboy writer Amee Vanderpool. “If he’s willing to go on Fox and throw a shout out to Republican narratives, what else is he willing to do?”

Gosh, who knows? You don’t think…you don’t think he would wish someone a “happy New Year,” do you?

“On Fox News, Neil Gorsuch made a point to say ‘Merry Christmas’ like he just gained the freedom to say it under Trump,” tweeted stand-up comic Sean Kent. “This guy is such a worst case scenario of a stolen Supreme Court seat.”

Worse than the ACTUAL DEVIL, Brett Kavanaugh? Surely you jest, Sean.

Apparently we’ve reached the point where no conservative can utter the words “Merry Christmas” without being slandered by the left. And no wonder, since we have garbage out there like this theory from Salon’s Chauncey DeVega:

“There is another dimension to the ‘War on Christmas’ and the broader right-wing obsession with the culture wars. Both are examples of white identity politics and a deep desire (and effort) to maintain the cultural and political power of white right-wing Christians over all other groups. In many ways, the ‘War on Christmas’ is actually a proxy war for white supremacy.”

Oh. Okay, then.

See what we mean about wishing they were just trolls? It’s actively scary to realize that they’re serious.

These people need medication. Or at least a little dose of Christmas spirit, yeesh.

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