Poll: Trump Voters are Rapidly Turning Against Fox News

According to a new poll from USA Today and Suffolk, Trump voters are beginning to turn to other outlets for their fix of conservative news. According to the survey, only 34% of the former president’s supporters still consider Fox News the “most trusted source of news” on the airwaves.

To say this is a precipitous drop would be an understatement. When the same poll asked Trump supporters this question in 2016, 58% of his voters said that Fox News was their primary staple for trusted news.

Instead of Fox News, Trump voters are increasingly turning to the network’s upstart competitors, One America News Network and Newsmax TV. According to the poll, 17% of his voters say that Newsmax is their most trusted news source and 9% name OANN. These are remarkable numbers, given how long Fox has had a stranglehold on the conservative news business, particularly when it comes to cable. For Newsmax to have already built up a support base half that of Fox in such a short time…that does not bode well for Fox’s future.

“At the time of our October 2016 poll, OANN and Newsmax were barely 2 years old, so they were not offered as options,” David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center, said. “However, we do not believe that in 2016 they would have been trusted the most by a statistically significant portion of respondents.”

The poll found that those voters who picked Newsmax and OANN over Fox News are among the former president’s biggest supporters. 92% of those who favored Newsmax believe that Joe Biden was “illegitimately elected” in November; 90% of OANN viewers said the same thing. Meanwhile, those who chose Fox News have a more balanced view of conservative politics. Asked to choose between Trump and the Republican Party, Fox News viewers picked Trump 51%-37%. Among those who watch Newsmax, 72% went with Trump over the GOP. Among OANN viewers, that number surged to 80%.

The poll is in line with sentiments we’ve seen on social media and what we’ve seen reflected in the ratings. Fox News alienated viewers when they called Arizona early for Biden, and their ratings dropped 30% in the weeks immediately following the election. Trump supporters were counting on Fox to report on the election’s irregularities, and instead they got reports that differed only slightly from the rest of the liberal media. It’s not clear if the network can recover from that lost trust, even if their primetime hosts remain popular.

So far, the lagging popularity hasn’t hit the network’s bottom line. The Fox Corporation announced in February that it saw a 17% jump in pretax profit for the three months ending in December. Fox News specifically saw its revenue rise 1% to $1.49 billion alongside a 31% increase in advertising revenue.

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  1. I’m ok with foxnews being eliminated, but I do not know what news to look to next

    I want like President TRUMP news recommendations as immediately as possible

      • Concur!! Too bad!!!! On Sunday’s I used to watch Chris Wallace but not anymore. Maria Bartiromo’s NOT as biased and she has good guests!!

        • I’d prefer to watch Sponge Bob reruns rather than be subjected to Chris Wallace. He’s the main reason why we no longer watch Fox News. I never miss Tucker Carlson, Hannity or Laura Ingraham. I also like Levin and Judge Jeanine. Other than those I’ve just mentioned I prefer watching NewsMax.

  2. ❤💥👍CHRISTrumpOwens and all his US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2021/2022/2024 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen👍💥❤

  3. Conservatives are seekers of truth, so their loyalty is not to a news media or party.
    Lie to us and we will seek the truth elsewhere.

  4. This news reflects what I have been thinking and feeling since Scam Day (formerly known as election day). I remain “loyal” to Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham. I have no opinion on any of the other people. But Fax can go join the Clinton News Network and MSLSD on the trash heap of history. Fox has proved that it is in the pocket of the deep state.

  5. LIBERAL Fox is TERRIBLE !!! Weekday and weekends on LIBERAL Fox is no different that watching cnn or msnbc !!! We bailed LIBERAL Fox several months ago , and as long as they keep A$$WIPES Wallace and Cavuto we will NEVER go back !!! LIBERAL Fox is a sinking ship .

  6. FOX is CNN 2. watch Newmax and OANN. I can watch the talking heads belching their puke on all the other stations. Guess Bret Bair, hasn’t made enough millions to not turn into a back stabber . Chris Wallace is a chip off the old block, he and hls scumbag old man .FOX can rot!

  7. FOX has always been “controlled opposition”…..then their mask came off during the election Fraud.

  8. FUXXED UP FIX elominates Lou Dobbs, O Reilly NUT keeps Chris Wallace nad Juan Williams , shows Donna brazile, Maryann of Kerry Infamy … and now only shows Trey Gowdy infrequently??? YEA Paul Tyan is on their Board of IDIOTS.. what can we expect??? Conservatism nad Honest NEWS??? REALAmerca’s Voice has REAL NEWS !!!

  9. No, Fox News is fine. Several who are still strong for Conservatives The Five are very good, Tucker, Laura, Hannity and a few others are there just not as strong for TRUMP. Super guests who are strong Conservatives. I think there is plenty of room for Newsmax, OAN any others who want to be there for our viewpoints per the TECH industry has taken over an booted many of us out. Facebook took me off a month or so before the voting for President. Not any real reasons just they could knowing I was Conservative. Now on Parler. Fox trieds to be fair and at times just is too fair compared to CNN and MSNBC who are never fair.

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