Princeton Students Really Want to Go Back to Segregation

It used to be a commonly-accepted truism that segregating blacks and whites was a dark period in our nation’s history, and that our societal ability to move past that period was to be celebrated as a major step forward in human psychological evolution. But, as it is in many areas of leftist regressive ideology these days, that’s no longer the case. Hence why we see progressive Princeton students whining about white students “invading” spaces on campus meant for “people of color.” Because, you know, when it’s the evil whites being kept separate, it’s a good thing.

From Campus Reform:

A Nov. 28 episode of the Princeton University student podcast Woke Wednesdays featured students decrying their white peers “invading” “POC [people of color] places” on campus.

Since fall 2016, the Carl A. Fields Center for Equality and Cultural Understanding (CAF) has been home to several cultural “affinity spaces.” These affinity spaces are areas within the CAF building intended for students to gather, study, socialize, etc. based on minority status. CAF has black, Latinx, and Middle Eastern affinity spaces, among others. While each space has an associated race or ethnicity, every student, regardless of identity, is allowed to any space.

CAF is “a space intended to support students of color on campus,” said Gabriella Carter, a presenter for the Woke Wednedays student group, in the video’s introduction.

The video cut to Carter sitting in the black affinity space, where she explained that non-black students occupy the room, “essentially, pushing out the black students who [sic] this room is intended for.”

“It kind of makes the black students feel like they’re a visitor in a space that’s supposed to be theirs,” the Woke Wednesdays presenter said.

Anyway, the article goes on to throw out a few more anecdotes chewed over by the hosts of Woke Wednesdays, but it’s about what you’d expect. Black people want to use the room, they find white people there, they leave because they don’t want to associate with white people. White people are then demonized for thinking themselves entitled to a particular spot on campus that isn’t meant for them. It’s not clear what the podcast hosts think Princeton should do about it, short of outright forbidding white students from “invading” their space. But perhaps they instinctively know that they don’t want to open that can of worms.

We’d love to show these students some videos of southern whites complaining about black guys at the local “whites-only” diner and see for themselves how much they sound identical to the podcast complaints. Wrong things don’t magically become “right” when you switch the races around. MLK would be aghast at the modern left.

But then, you can say the same for anyone who wasn’t a mentally-deranged, socialist imbecile.

Written by Andrew

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