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Rand Paul: “Both Parties” Guilty of the Same Thing in Ukraine

In an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” Sunday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said it was ridiculous to condemn and impeach President Trump for calling on Ukraine to investigate the Bidens…when the Democrats are guilty of doing the exact same thing.

“If anything is consistent here it’s that both parties have tried to involve themselves in Ukraine. So for example, four senators, Democrats, wrote a letter to the Ukrainian government and said, ‘If you don’t keep investigating Trump we may reconsider our bipartisan support for your aid.’ Both parties seem to be doing this,” the libertarian senator noted.

When Todd asked if he thought Hunter Biden was corrupt, Paul said: “I don’t really know enough about what he’s doing. I knew he traveled over there to try to seek information on Hunter Biden’s corruption. I think a lot of Americans see the $50,000 a month Hunter Biden was making and it doesn’t pass the smell test. I think most people do think there was some corruption involved with Hunter Biden. And I hope we do get to the bottom of it.”

But as for the controversy, Paul insisted that there was no difference between what Sens. Robert Menendez, Dick Durbin, and Patrick Leahy did than what Trump did.

“If you’re going to condemn Trump you need to condemn the Democrat senators. It shouldn’t be just one-sided,” Paul repeated. “Everybody’s going after President Trump. Someone needs to actually, in an objective way, evaluate a letter from four Democrats that said to Ukraine, ‘If you don’t keep investigating Trump we will reconsider our bipartisan support for aid.’ That’s a threat. And that’s the same kind of stuff they’re accusing Trump of. But nobody’s talking about that the Democrats are doing exactly the same thing.”

Naturally, Todd kept interrupting and insisting that while Trump and Paul Manafort were actually guilty of crimes, the Bidens are as innocent as the pure-driven snow. He’s thrown off even the pretense of impartiality lately, and it makes his interviews well-nigh unwatchable.

But then, he’s just one more fish in the tank for the Democrats in 2020. Hopefully, Republicans like Paul can keep sneaking past the gatekeepers so that the general public remains informed about topics that the mainstream media would just as soon stay under wraps.

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