San Francisco School District: It’s Now Racist to Use Acronyms

We’re going to hurry up and get this article out to you guys before someone decides that reading on a computer is the height of white supremacy. Surely, at the rate we’re going, that’s coming around the bend.

Over the last year, we’ve learned that everything from Aunt Jemima syrup to Bernie Sanders’ inauguration outfit to an inanimate boulder can be deemed racist by our new woke overlords.

Now, thanks to the same San Francisco Unified School District that removed more than 40 names from area schools because of “problematic” historical reasons, we learn that ACRONYMS are racist!

“Acronyms are a symptom of white supremacy culture,” said district art department director Sam Bass. Because of this declaration, “VAPA” will no longer be used to describe the “Visual and Performing Arts” program in San Francisco. It will now be known as the San Francisco Unified School District Art Department because shortening it could “alienate” those who are not native speakers of English.

Bass assured a local news station that the art department is committed to prioritizing “antiracist arts instruction.”

“It’s unclear if any of the hundreds of acronyms used in the district’s work, on their website and in their own name will also be changed. The school district said there is no official district-wide policy yet,” reports

We assume that Bass would have a serious problem with this lesson from English-as-a-second-language site, where the instructor explains: “Want to improve your English ASAP? Study the ABCs of everyday speech. Native English speakers often use acronyms as regular vocabulary in order to shorten their speech. An acronym is a word formed by the initial letter or group of letters of words in a phrase. For example, did you know that CEO is an acronym for chief executive officer? Here is another acronym you may know: LOL for ‘laughing out loud’”

No, no, no, teacher! Don’t you see that we should change and lower the standards of our language until everyone can speak it and understand without any struggle whatsoever? In fact, each and every individual should be empowered to simply make up their own language, and then we can just run around rambling to ourselves without any hope of actually communicating at all.

Come to think of it, would we even notice?

What do you think?

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  1. Damn the Bravos and bravos (Combat Phonics Acronyms used in clear text messages – clean language, no foul words over the air but identifies people as their true identity. To hell with the Sierra of Bravos who gin-up this trash.

    America is an English Speaking nation. It should be mandatory for all second generation immigrants to speak the English language if they expect to be valid citizens. No room for any citizen speaking are seeking a Language alternative as the primary spoken language in American .

  2. So I guess it is racist to use GOP, DNC, BLM, NAACP ,USN, USMC, USN, USAF, NASA, …… How stupis are these educators? Why is anyone leaving their kids at their door steps?

  3. This new rule SHOULD be insulting to racial minorities. It implies they’re not smart enough to know or figure out what the acronyms are abbreviating. I guess it’s time to revive the old joke about how I’m a member of IDEA: Individuals Dedicated to Elimination of Acronyms.

  4. Why dont you all just go back to your own country and leave us poor white folks alone. We really don’t have any use for you or your kind. Byeeeee you dumb blokes…you are are stupid. Do you know how bad us white s hate stupid? Realllly bad!!!

  5. This is EXACTLY why GOD Himself said to SEPARATE and to NOT integrate! ACTS 17:26-27KJV INTEGRATION and RACE Mixing are a GREAT sin with GOD Almighty! IT is NOT about RACE, IT IS ABOUT what GOD SAID, PERIOD! TO “PROVE THIS EVEN Further, see Nehemiah 13:26 KJV Solomon, the 2nd king Of Israel was an Integrationist that he had many wives and many of different nations and races, and YET GOD ALMIGHTY, Called it a great sin! SEE also Ezra ch 9 and Nehemiah ch 9 To SEE more of what GOD Almighty thinks about Integration! Sodom and Gomorrah was in the same position as this nation now finds itself, and as it is going, will find ITSELF in the same position as Sodom and Gomorrah did then! I AM SICK OF THIS NATIONS GOVT! They have lost their minds in the installation of the Socialist Govt they desire to install and yet know won’t work, but they do so anyway!!

  6. Those San Francisco fairies better tell BLM that they’re a bunch of white supremacist racists then. Oh, and mention it to NAACP, ACLU and SPLC while they’re at it. Those groups are all racist, but they hate white people.

  7. I think that we need to remove All, Black people, Statues and Road Names and Bridges named after Black, until all of the not to Smart people stop all of this CRAP. If you Don’t like America, go to China.

  8. someone please tell my why a White Supremacist.. White Nationalist… White Privileged .. White Old European was voted into power???? The man who screamed “If you don’t vote for me then you AIN’T BLACK ENOUGH!”
    Put the only grade in front of a name & these folks ever earned and they vote for it… “D”.

  9. Who are the idiots that are crying out racist? Everybody is a racist, koreans, chinese, brazilians, and even donald duck. DUH! Most of us are getting tired of these racial bull that the liberals started. They are even racists cause they don’t like republicans. White supremacy is another stupid thing they came up with. Talk about having a nasty attitude and creating problems. They stupidly refer everything as being racist or w. supremacy. Its at the point now that it has no meaning to it. Just stupid people who can’t face the music and are so insecure and bitchy and don’t know a thing except to the propaganda they listen to and can’t decipher one thing from another.

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