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Scaremonger Ted Koppel: Trump Will “Suspend Our Constitution”

First things first: Ted Koppel is still around?

Well, apparently he is, because he was on CBS on Sunday peddling some of the most conspiratorial crap we’ve seen from the liberal media since…well, okay, it probably hasn’t been that long considering the state of things these days, but still. For Koppel, who used to be somewhat of a straight shooter, to be on CBS Sunday Morning telling viewers that President Trump is preparing to “suspend our Constitution,” this is beyond embarrassing. It’s a disgraceful end to a long and storied career in news broadcasting.

Koppel teed things off by playing a clip of President Trump musing over his presidential powers, the way he sometimes does. Instead of taking Trump’s tendency to head down this trail with a grain of salt, the way we’ve learned to do, Koppel used it as an excuse to build a raft, seal it, and sail it all the way to Crazy Town.

“We can’t know for sure, but what the President appears to have been referring to are his Presidential Emergency Action Documents, often referred to as PEADs,” he said.

We can’t know for sure, but we’re going to spend the next ten minutes theorizing about what American Hitler MIGHT be talking about. Otherwise, we’d have to actually talk about the real news, which is oh so boring and vanilla compared to pressing the panic button again…and again…and again.

How many times, exactly, have we had a “constitutional crisis” since this president took office? How many times has our democracy been in mortal danger? We’ve completely lost count.

In any case, Koppel turned to the ACLU’s David Cole to really bump up the suspense.

“We’ve got a president, who in his first week in office essentially declared ban Muslims from coming into the country,” said Cole, already lying. “More recently, declared a widely understood to be a fake emergency in order to build a border wall when Congress told him they would not give him the funds to create a border wall, and most recently, has declared he may need to delay the election, which would be an emergency authority that doesn’t even exist. So, I think you have to be very concerned.”

Well, if Trump is going to “delay the election” in the same way that he banned Muslims and “declared a fake emergency” at the border, then we’ll have few complaints. Because he didn’t do either of those things. Muslims were always fully permitted to come to this country from hundreds of nations, and even The New York Times (eventually) admitted that the surge at the border was anything but a fake emergency. Of course, they did this only long after the shutdown, but still.

At this point, the fake news media really needs to get its talking points straight. Is Trump going to destroy the election by decimating the USPS…or is he going to make everyone go vote and catch the coronavirus…or is he going to dispute the results of the election afterwards…or is he going to declare martial law and prohibit people from voting against him? We know that writing fiction is tough, but damn guys, stick to a storyline!

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