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It Takes a Lot of Gall to Blame TRUMP for Virginia Shooting

We’ve heard two basic refrains from the left-wing media since the shooting that left Majority Whip Steve Scalise and several others in near-death conditions. In one refrain, there is the call for general civility in politics. No one side is to blame. Both lefties and righties need to cool it with the rhetoric. Let’s all get along, etc.

Then there are those who simply say that – despite the fact that the shooter, James Hodgkinson, was an avowed liberal psycho with a burning hatred for Trump and Republicans – it is THE RIGHT’S fault that things got to this point. And while the first position is a little more tolerable than the latter, both of them are hard to stomach at a time like this.

Because this isn’t one of those situations where both sides deserve to share a little bit of the blame. And frankly, this is an excellent time to notice that the violence we saw at the congressional baseball practice is only the latest – and most extreme – version of violence that has been bubbling up on the left ever since the 2016 election rolled into high gear. And you can trace all of it back to the media feeding frenzy that has treated Donald Trump like the worst thing to hit politics since Adolf Hitler. That madness, which has even extended to “joking” about assassination, has infected more than a few unstable liberals…some of whom are more than willing to turn talk into action.

But no, you don’t see any of that in the media. You see reports of headstones being overturned at Jewish cemeteries and attempts to link that – somehow??? – to the Trump presidency. You see a non-Trump supporting white supremacist murder some people in Portland and attempts to once again – somehow??? – link that to Trump. You see footage of ONE GUY punching a protester at a Trump rally…played over and over and over and over. But when it comes to the Antifa nutcases in California, burning down the UC Berkeley campus? Oh, barely a word about that. And when they do deign to mention it, they play it like, well, they kinda have a point. After all, just LOOK at this hateful person they invited to speak! What were the students supposed to do? Just tolerate it?

It’s bad enough that the left inspires and tacitly encourages violence against Trump supporters; the least they can do is actually admit it when one of their own follows through. But of course, to do that would be to admit that they’re wrong about quite a few things. So don’t hold your breath.


Written by Andrew

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