Trump Scores Big as RNC Writes Its Convention Rules

Republican efforts to block a Trump nomination has failed, according to reports. The last stand for anti-Trump holdouts fizzled on Thursday night as the 112-member Convention Rules Committee offered minimal support for the group.

This is thought to be the last attempt to deny Trump the nomination.

Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, took to Twitter and stated, “Anti-Trump people get crushed at Rules Committee.”

The committee passed a series of rules at 11:30 pm on Thursday night that will govern the Republican Party for the next four years. Despite a lot of controversy surrounding the proposed rules, little were changed. Mitt Romney’s 2012 rule on threshold support for candidates was changed from an eight-state threshold down to a five-state threshold. Romney pushed the rule in an effort to block a nomination of Ron Paul.

The rules party also defeated efforts to push closed primaries. The closed primaries would disallow independents and Democrats from voting.

A study was also agreed upon by the committee over the ousting of Nevada as an early state. The committee will view the study before deciding on moving Nevada as an early state.

The panel’s efforts were delayed for five hours, as talks with conservative delegates dragged out the progress. The talks collapsed as the panel starting considering the rules.

Written by Andrew

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