Trump Wants $10 Million in Damages from Sam Nunberg

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump is seeking $10 million in damages from his former top aide Sam Nunberg. News of the legal dispute comes on the eve of the Republican convention, and is once again airing out the campaign’s dirty laundry in the public’s view.

Trump made the decision to privately seek damages from his former aide in May for allegedly breaching a nondisclosure agreement. The allegation sparked rumors from the public that former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and press secretary Hope Hicks were involved in an “illicit” and “sordid” affair.

Both the allegation and the arbitration claim became public in a filing by Nunberg this week in a New York court. Nunberg is suing to block Trump’s claim. Trump alleges that Nunberg made disparaging comments about him in disclosed confidential information, violating the confidentiality agreement.

The dispute between Trump and his former aide is the latest in a string of legal battles that has distracted his campaign.

The GOP nominee and his lawyers were also battling in a San Diego courtroom to block the release of deposition videos Trump gave in the suit against Trump University. Trump’s lawyers argued that the videos may be used to attack the candidate in political ads for reasons that are unrelated to the court case.

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