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UNREAL: Illegal Immigrant Gets $200K Payday From This Sanctuary City

Apparently, the city of San Francisco is so committed to violating federal immigration law that they’re actually willing to pay a ransom to illegals they accidentally turn over to ICE agents for deportation. We knew things were bad over there on the West Coast, but we now see that they’re worse than “bad.” There is actually a serious degree of insanity at play, and we can’t imagine how much longer the liberals over there will tolerate it. There just comes a point, doesn’t there? Or is everyone over there so brainwashed by their own propaganda that they can’t even see what’s happening in front of their eyes. God help that state if that’s the case.

Anyway, the story goes like this: An El Salvadoran man – Pedro Figueroa-Zarceno – was arrested and turned over to federal immigration officials in December 2015. The illegal immigrant reportedly answered a call from San Francisco police informing him that his car had been stolen. When he showed up at the station, Figueora-Zarceno was detained and officers notified federal authorities that they had him in custody. A month later, he obtained legal assistance from the Asian Law Caucus and filed a lawsuit against the city for violating its sanctuary city policies.

That lawsuit has now borne fruit. The illegal immigrant’s attorneys announced last week that they had reached a settlement with the San Francisco City Attorney’s office that will result in a tidy $190,000 payout (ransom?) for their client.

“It’s really important for San Francisco to remain a sanctuary city not in name only but also in practice,” said his attorneys. “Our hope is that the department is going to look into this further and really examine the way that the department can do more.”

“What happened to me was very unfair and it was an injustice,” Figueroa-Zerceno said. “I went into the police station to seek help and they didn’t tell me what was happening and they arrested me and treated me badly.”

No, sir, it was not unfair and the only injustice here is that you are still in the United States, except now $200K richer. That’s $200,000 worth of taxpayer money, of course. You’re welcome, dude.

If California keeps going the way they are, we might have to re-route the construction of the Wall.

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