Woke China: Blames Coronavirus Fears on “White Supremacy Racism”

Chinese state media has gone into the Twilight Zone over this coronavirus outbreak. This week, the Communist Party’s favorite outlet – the Global Times – went on the attack against Western concerns over the spread of the disease, saying that these fears were not based in fact but rather “xenophobia” and “white supremacist racism.” We didn’t know how closely Chinese officials resembled derpy feminists from UC Berkeley, but there you have it.

“The U.S. travel restrictions on China and criticism of China’s quarantine strategy to contain the COVID-19 have been seen as a racist politicization of the epidemic,” the Global Times claimed Wednesday.

From there, it only got worse.

“The US is the only major country that doesn’t guarantee healthcare to its citizens as a human right. It’s estimated about 30,000 people in the US die every year because they can’t afford medical treatment, according to Physicians for a National Health Program. In the midst of such an incomplete system, it is unfortunately easy to understand why there are so many deaths from the seasonal flu,” the paper said.

To distract from this travesty,” the commies continued, “it is easy to understand why the US corporate media, with similar profit motivations as the drug and pharmaceutical companies, would rather sensationalize COVID-19 than adequately focus on domestic health disasters. Fear helps generate profit and distracts Americans from understanding the social problems around them.”

Was Bernie Sanders a consultant on this article?

But wait, there’s more:

The yellow peril stereotype, borrowed from Europe by American white supremacist writers in the 19th century, has long affected the Western cultural psyche. The idea that “sneaky Asians” would destroy Western nations became a racist trope used to justify hostility toward societies exploited by colonization and imposed underdevelopment. This explains modern-day delusions from US Senator Tom Cotton about biological warfare.

Well, we’re not surprised that China would try to spin this geopolitical disaster to their advantage anymore than we’re surprised to see Democrats try to take Trump down on the back of this crisis. And since Chinese citizens have very few options when it comes to outside, unbiased news, we’re sure this picture of the global response will feel relatively believable. Outside China, however, there’s not much you can do but laugh (if a bit mournfully).

By the way, Global Times, we’re not sure it’s any better that this disease came from gross animals in a wet market than from a bio-weapons lab. You might want to come up with a third story…maybe Trump himself invented the disease and dropped it on Wuhan in an escalation of the trade war?

Y’all could definitely get Bernie to co-sign on that one.

Written by Andrew


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