A Lot Is Riding on New York for Both Sides of the Election Campaign

Amidst a heated battle for the nomination on both the Republican and Democratic side of the table, the focus is being turned to New York as the state prepares for its primary on Tuesday.

Bernie Sanders, Democratic candidate hopeful and underdog, will hold a concert in the park the eve before the big day. Sanders drew a crowd of about 28,000 people in Brooklyn on Sunday.

Trump, will be at the northern part of the state, hosting a rally in Buffalo.

Hillary Clinton, current front-runner on the Democratic side, served as a New York senator for eight years, and her home is located in a suburb of the Big Apple. She’s still favored to win the nomination in the state, but Sanders has been generating large crowds at his recent rallies, with numbers that rival Barack Obama’s campaigning efforts.

Monday is the last official day for campaigning in the state. New York is poised to be the most decisive state in decades for picking the presidential nominees.

Trump is expected to win New York, his home state, by a landslide.

Speaking to his supporters in Staten Island, Trump boldly promised, “You’re going to look back and say, ‘That was the greatest vote I’ve ever cast, ever, ever, ever.”

If Trump can earn the majority of votes in all of the state’s 27 congressional districts, he will take home all 95 delegates on the Republican side.

A sweeping victory in New York would give Trump the upper hand and may prevent him from losing the nomination at July’s convention.

The primary comes just days after Cruz was awarded 14 delegates in Wyoming.

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