Adult Performer Jessica Drake Latest to Accuse Trump of Inappropriate Conduct

Jessica Drake, an adult film performer, is the eleventh woman to come out and accuse Donald Trump of inappropriate sexual conduct. The performer and director held a news conference in Los Angeles on Saturday where she claimed Trump invited her to his suite and asked for her number in 2006.

Drake accepted the invitation and brought two other women along with her, as she felt uncomfortable with Trump.

The two met during a charity event in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Drake states that Trump hugged and kissed Drake and her two friends without permission. She reportedly left 30 – 45 minutes later and received a call from Trump’s representative. Drake declined before Trump came on the phone and asked her, “What do you want? How much?”

She continued to deny Trump, who offered her $10,000 to come to his room and use of his private jet.

The Trump campaign denies that Trump offered to pay the woman to come to his room. A picture of the two has surfaced. The campaign states that it is one of many pictures that Trump has taken with people that ask for them.

The campaign asserts that Drake is an attempt by the Clinton campaign to defame the candidate.

Trump has threatened to sue all his accusers after his campaign.

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