Bernie Sanders Accepts Iowa Caucus Defeat on Wednesday Morning

Bernie Sanders accepted his defeat in Iowa on Wednesday morning. The presidential hopeful appeared on NBC’s Today show with Matt Lauer early Wednesday morning, and stated that he “accepted the results.”. Sanders stated that his campaign is still looking at the results and will contest them if needed.

Sanders stated that his close finish was seen as a major win for the campaign that was once down by 40 to 50 points when he first started campaigning in Iowa. Sanders lost by just 2/10 of 1% to Hillary Clinton. Sanders received 20 delegates, while Clinton received 22 delegates. Sanders further stated that the Iowa caucus is very complicated, and that his campaign is not 100% sure that they did not win.

He also stated that they are currently in New Hampshire where they have a lot of momentum going into the state’s upcoming caucus. When asked if he planned to contest the results, Sanders dodged the question, and instead emphasized his success in Iowa.

Sanders stated that “his campaign took on the most powerful organization in the United States, and they nearly won the race.” Bernie Sanders was questioned by Matt Lauer whether he could call Hillary Clinton’s campaign the most powerful in the world since he has more money heading into the New Hampshire caucus. Bernie Sanders stated that he does not have a Super PAC working for him like Hillary Clinton. Clinton was given $15 million from Wall Street alone.

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