Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren Campaign for Clinton on Sunday

Progressive icons Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders appeared together on Sunday to campaign for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

The Denver event, Sanders said, was an opportunity for him and Warren to “make the case to the progressive community that it is absolutely imperative for Donald Trump to be defeated.”

But Sanders said his joint appearance with Warren had another goal: to rally voters around implementing the proposed Democratic platform adopted at July’s convention.

Sanders says voters will need to focus on this key issue “the day after the election.” Platforms are often forgotten after campaigns end. Sanders plans to change that with this year’s election.

The joint appearance on Sunday took place at a student union that serves many college campuses, including the University of Colorado Denver.

Sanders said he and Warren made the decision to host a joint event that was geared towards progressives, as Clinton is still having trouble gaining the support of the Democratic Party’s left wing.

One challenge Sanders faces is convincing voters that Gary Johnson, Libertarian candidate, is not the right choice.

“On some issues, I think his positions are very good,” Sanders said. But the Vermont senator says Johnson’s record is “disastrous” on several other issues, such as climate change.

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