Bernie Sanders Heading Into Decision Day on Super Tuesday

Vermont Senator and presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is heading into Super Tuesday with optimism. The Democratic candidate needs to win five states on Tuesday in a hope to maintain momentum in the delegate hunt. Experts believe that if Sanders does not win at least five states, there is no path to nomination.

Sanders and his aides are prepared to go into Super Tuesday as the underdog. Losing in Nevada and South Carolina has caused Clinton to take a leading command of delegates.

Losing by 48-points in South Carolina has shocked the campaign, as Clinton secured 80 percent of all black votes. Sanders has been a major backer for black equality, leaving the shocking win by Clinton as a surprise for the campaign.

Bernie Sanders has increased spending in Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Oklahoma. Polls suggest that a win in these states could be possible on Tuesday, and a win in Vermont, where Sanders is currently Senator, is expected. If the Sanders campaign can come away with wins in all of these states and doesn’t lose too badly in others, there is a chance he can continue his campaign until the end.

Eleven states will hold their primaries on Super Tuesday.

Sanders is also making headlines with $36 million raised through small donations to his campaign in February. The campaign is hoping to reach the $40 million mark before the end of the day on Monday. The campaign needs to claim a larger portion of the black vote if it hopes to last into July, but Sanders has stated that he will continue to the end no matter the outcome of Super Tuesday.

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