Bernie Sanders Ramps Up Campaigning In Nevada, Doubling Hillary Clinton’s Efforts

Hillary Clinton started campaigning in Nevada in April 2015. The state was seen as a sure win for Hillary, but Bernie Sanders is now surpassing Hillary Clinton in terms of the number of staffers on the ground in Nevada campaigning on his behalf. Sanders recently started campaigning in the state late in the fall, and has 40 staffers to Clinton’s 22.

Sanders also surpassed Clinton in the number of field offices in the state, reporting nine offices in total, while Clinton is said to be opening her seventh office this Thursday.

Sanders has also increased spending for advertisements in the state and has spent a total of $767,539 in advertising in Nevada. Ads for his campaign have been shown in both English and Spanish. Clinton’s last data report indicated that she spent just $162,400 buying ads.

When Hillary was against Barack Obama eight years ago, she won the popular vote, obtaining 51% to 45%. Obama ultimately took home more delegates.

Bernie Sanders also won over many Clinton supporters, including Erin Bilbray, which is a member of the Democratic National Committee in Nevada. Bilbray has been known as a loyal Clinton supporter since 2008, but has since endorsed Sanders. As recently as October, Bilbray was set to support Clinton, but changed her mind after going to a organizing meeting, which was held by Sanders campaign.

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