Clinton Super PAC Shells Out $23 Million in June

Hillary Clinton’s main super PAC switched gears in June, moving full force into general-election mode and spending just as much money last month as the previous three months combined.

The group, Priorities USA Action, spent a total of $23.7 million in the month of June. The majority of that money was spent on ads attacking Clinton’s opponent Donald Trump, according to the campaign’s Federal Election Commission report.

The super PAC has raised nearly $12 million, bringing the total to nearly $100 million for the cycle. The campaign will end the month with over $40 million in cash.

Donald Sussman, an investor, was one of the top contributors, giving $2 million to the group. Laure Woods, a philanthropist from California, donated $1,691,421.

The group spent $4.7 million on TV airtime, $738,000 on media consultants, $769,000 on research, and $100,000 in salaries for 17 people.

So far, Priorities USA Action has spent over $30 million in ads attacking Trump. The group’s most notable TV ad contrasts Trump mocking a disabled reporter with an American family discussing their disabled child.

A refund of $200,000 was given back to the Suffolk Construction Company by the super PAC. As a federal contractor, the firm is not allowed to contribute.

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