Clinton’s Lead Over Trump Shrinks to 3 Points

Donald Trump continues to eat away at Hillary Clinton’s national lead, according to a new poll from NBC News and SurveyMonkey. In just one week, Clinton’s lead over Trump shrank from 5 points to 3 percentage points.

Despite her shrinking lead, Clinton is still ahead in the polls 48% to 45%. One advantage the former secretary of state has is her dominant lead among minorities. Clinton leads Trump by 75 points with black voters and a 37-point lead among Hispanic voters.

Clinton’s lead among Hispanic voters is no surprise. Trump has all but alienated voters in this category, and his outright derogatory remarks against Hispanics has only hurt his campaign. As recently as Monday, Trump found himself in hot water after reportedly kicking out Marcos Stupenengo, a well-known international correspondent, from the Trump Tower after staff members heard him speaking Spanish while on a phone call.

Stupenengo reportedly had secured an interview and was awaiting his meeting, according to BuzzFeed News. CNN, however, reported that the correspondent was merely there to secure an interview, and was told that Trump was not interested in a meeting.

Among Republicans, 87% would back Trump and 7% would back Clinton. The numbers are similar on Clinton’s side, with 87% of Democrats favoring the candidate and 8% supporting Trump. Trump holds an 8-point lead among independents, at 44% to 36%.

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