Cruz Moves to Win Anti-Trump Support Ahead of New York Primary

Donald Trump is leading the polls going into the New York primaries, with a high likelihood of a landslide win in the state. Ted Cruz is working effortlessly to garner support from anti-Trump groups. The presidential hopeful spent much of his day on Monday behind closed doors with small Republican groups that are against a Trump nomination.

Cruz was spotted at the New York Metropolitan Republican Club in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The event was closed to news media, but insiders state that Cruz spent most of his time talking about support for Israel, national security and jobs in the country.

A reporter asked Cruz why he didn’t hold public events in New York on Monday. “He did a town hall this morning that reached millions of New York households,” states Catherine Frazier, a Cruz spokeswoman. The event that was mentioned by Frazier was an appearance on “Good Morning America.”

Cruz is severely behind Trump in the delegate count and has a sliver of hope to reach the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination. Cruz has failed to win over donors from failed campaigns, and many fear that there is little time to rally behind Cruz before it’s impossible for him to surpass Trump in delegates.

Written by Andrew

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