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Donald Trump Backtracks On His “Close Our Borders Policy”

When it comes to Donald Trump, you often have to take his words with a grain of salt. He is currently in the process of putting in place a post-information campaign in order to vie for the presidency.

It is commonly known that he often contradicts himself multiple times throughout a single speech, often chopping and changing between positions. Therefore, it can be hard to follow his policies and ideas over the long term, as it is hard to distinguish between what is fact and what is hyperbole.

One of the areas in which Trump has structured his entire campaign upon is the plan to close American borders. This plan focused on banning Muslims from entering the country until the US figures out “what’s going on.” Trump said these words this morning on Fox News, but just a few hours later, he gave an entirely different viewpoint on the matter when he was asked about the issue by CBS News.  This time, he claimed he never said anything of the sort. He changed tactics by saying that the country should simply be extremely vigilant about Muslims entering into the country, saying that proper documentation would be required to enter the country.

This is a far cry from his calls of putting a blanket ban on all Muslims entering the country. Could this be an end to the hyperbole of Donald Trump and will we now see the presidential version of the man come out?

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