Donald Trump Delivers Victory Speech in New York

Donald Trump gave a restrained victory speech in New York on Tuesday night. The presumptive GOP nominee won the nomination by a landslide garnering 1,538 delegates. Ted Cruz, Trump’s closest competitor received just 553 delegates.

Trump impressed the Republican party that has been reluctant to support the Republican due to his harsh comments and unusual political stance.

The GOP nominee discussed Bernie Sanders supporters directly stating that the Democratic nomination was rigged. “We welcome Sanders supporters with open arms” he said. The billionaire had harsh words for politicians that have “rigged” the system and have not provided the change they promised.

“After years of disappointment, there is one thing we cannot change – the rigged system” he said. Attacking Clinton in his speech, Trump blames the Clintons for their policies and discussed Clinton’s use of private servers during her run as the Secretary of State.

Trump will hold a speech next week to discuss the bad politics of the Clintons.

He alleges that Clinton’s use of a private email server not only threated national security but was used to make the Clinton’s rich through private deals. The billionaire further iterated
“Hillary Clinton turned the State Department into her private hedge fund.”

“I’ll bring real change, not Obama change” he said.

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