Elizabeth Warren Prepares to Endorse Clinton, Sees Too Many Hurdles for VP

United States Senator Elizabeth Warren announced that she will be endorsing Hillary Clinton. The Senator stated that she considered the idea of being a Clinton running mate, but that there were too many obstacles in the way, according to a source close to the matter.

The biggest concern, according to one source, was the chances of two women being able to overcome a potential Trump presidency for Democrats.

Warren’s advisors and Clinton’s campaign team have been in close contact in recent weeks. Warren is intrigued by the idea of being Clinton’s running mate, said one source, but Warren and Clinton have not discussed the matter.

Warren and Clinton have different views. Clinton is willing to talk with Wall Street executives, and give speeches to them, too. Warren is a harsh critic of Wall Street and its influence over politicians.

Trump is the Democratic Party’s biggest threat. Warren has been vocal about her dislike for Trump and his policies, and sources close to her assert that her priority is helping the Democratic nominee overcome Trump in the general election.

Warren has attacked Clinton in the past, stating that the former Secretary of State and presumptive Democratic nominee has abandoned her support for tougher legislation against Wall Street.

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