Joe Biden to Join Clinton on the Campaign Trail in PA

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden will join Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail on Monday in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Biden will take his working class message on the road to draw in more support for the Democratic nominee, who has recently taken a commanding lead against Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Biden is one of Clinton’s most influential surrogates. The Vice President’s ability to connect with working class voters will give the Democratic nominee a boost in battleground states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and other areas where the American people are growing increasingly frustrated with the economy.

Republican Donald Trump has focused a great deal of attention on these areas, relying on his populist message that helped him take the Republican nomination.

Biden spoke at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia last month where he slammed Trump for his lack of compassion.

“How can there be pleasure in saying ‘you’re fired?” Biden asked. “This guy doesn’t have a clue about the middle class. Not a clue. He has no clue about what makes America great.”

Biden was originally scheduled to join Clinton on the campaign trail last month, but the event was canceled after the attacks in Dallas that left five police officers dead.

Written by Andrew

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