John Podesta’s Twitter Account Hacked

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta is in the spotlight again on Thursday after hackers breached his account on Wednesday. Podesta’s account was seen tweeting at 7:55 PM the message: “I’ve switched teams.Vote Trump 2016.Hi pol.”

The tweet contained a link that could not be found. It was not apparently clear who was behind the hack, but Podesta alleges that Russian hackers are to blame.

“Russian interference in this election and their apparent attempt to influence it on behalf of Mr. Trump is I think should be of the utmost concern to all Americans,” Podesta said to reporters.

The hacked tweet has since been deleted. Podesta’s account last shows his tweets from October 11, the day before the breach.

Nick Merrill, Clinton spokesman, told reporters, “Clearly some action has been taken either on the Twitter side or our side.” He added that the campaign confirmed the account was hacked and they were “working on fixing it.”

The hack comes amidst the release of hacked emails belonging to Podesta from WikiLeaks. The emails have been an embarrassment for the Clinton campaign.

On Tuesday, Podesta stated that he was contacted by the FBI over the weekend regarding the hacked emails, and he was cooperating with them to address the issue.

Podesta said that although the hack “doesn’t feel great,” he was feeling “kind of zen about it at this stage.”

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