Lindsey Graham Ends His Presidential Campaign

Senator Lindsey Graham has made the decision to end his presidential campaign, making the announcement during an exclusive CNN interview on Monday. Graham stated that while he was suspending his campaign, he was not suspending his desire to help the country.

The Senator made the official announcement in a YouTube video and email to his supporters on Monday morning. The former presidential hopeful, who was known for his whit and one-liners, was emotional and serious while delivering his message. Graham’s exit from the race comes just weeks before voting begins.

Although Graham has left the race, he still wants his voice to be heard, especially when it comes to matters related to the Middle East.

Senator Graham dominated the undercard debate in Las Vegas, but was never able to break onto the main stage. In national polls, his numbers were less than 1%, and he barely registered on the most recent CNN national poll.

Graham had a word of advice for the future Republican nominee, stating that the country “will be in your hands” and that “this is not a game show.” The Senator stated that he regrets not taking the big stage or making it to the final group, but does not regret his decision to run for President.

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