Paul Ryan and Top Republicans Not Ready to Endorse Donald Trump

Paul Ryan announced on Thursday that he was not yet ready to endorse Donald Trump in his campaign for presidency. Trump has, essentially, locked in the Republican nomination this week as Ted Cruz and John Kasich, the last two candidates in the race, both ended their campaigns following landslide losses to Donald Trump.

Trump has rallied the public, but now he needs to rally the Republican party, which may be difficult.

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan spoke on CNN, stating, “At this point, I’m just not there yet,” when asked if he would endorse Trump. Ryan further remarked, “I hope to support our nominee,” prior in the show, but remains reluctant to accept Trump as the GOP candidate at this point.

The Republican National Committee stated that “only a united Republican Party will be able to beat Hillary Clinton.” The Committee further stated that Trump and Ryan are expected to meet in the near future.

Republicans from many states have been reluctant to support Trump. The often critical and outspoken billionaire has also failed to garner the support of GOP mega donors, including the billionaire Koch brothers, which helped fund the tea party. Trump’s bankroll of his own campaign further caused stress in the party as donations are normally dispersed to candidates and states in an effort to boost cash reserves.

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