Poll: Americans Will Vote Trump to Stop Clinton

A Reuters poll released late last week points to Americans voting for Donald Trump in the general elections to stop a potential Hillary Clinton presidency. Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, is ahead in the polls, but falls far behind in polls that pit Bernie Sanders versus Donald Trump for presidency.

Nearly half of the participants, 47%, stated that they will vote to block Clinton from winning. The poll shows a fearful public that is concerned with the opposing party’s views. Nearly 43% of people that support Trump stated that they like his political position while 6% stated that they liked Trump personally.

A poll geared towards Clinton supporters showed that most supporters of Clinton are voting for her in an attempt to stop Donald Trump from becoming president. Forty percent of supporters stated that they agree with Clinton’s political position, while 11% stated that they like Clinton personally.

The polls conducted included just a small sampling of 469 Trump supporters and 599 Clinton supporters. Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee as all of his opponents dropped out of the race last week. Clinton is facing off against an adamant Bernie Sanders that has vowed to remain in the race until the last vote is counted in June.

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