Poll Says Voters Are More Trusting of Clinton with Health Care

A new poll shows voters are more trusting of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton when it comes to health care than they are of Republican candidate Donald Trump, the Associated Press reports. But voters still don’t expect big changes if Clinton wins in November.

The survey, conducted by Kaiser Family Foundation, found that one of the leading health care issues for voters is the future of Medicare, affordability and access.

According to the poll, 36% of voters were afraid that their access to affordable care would be jeopardized under a Trump presidency, while 24% had the same concern with a Clinton presidency. A little more than half of participants felt their access would remain the same under Clinton, while only 37% felt there wouldn’t be much difference if Trump were president.

When it comes to access to women’s reproductive health care, 64% of voters said Clinton would do a better job, while 28% were more trusting of Trump.

As for the future of Medicare, 53% of voters said they were trusting of Clinton, while 38% trusted Trump.

Clinton held double-digit leads over Trump on most issues, but voters weren’t so sure about the Affordable Care Act. Fifty percent were more trusting of Clinton to do the job, while 41% trusted Trump.

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