Sanders Faces More Pressure after Losing 4 More States

Clinton won four out of five states in Tuesday’s primaries, but Bernie Sanders, who took Rhode Island, vows to take this race all the way to the convention. Clinton, with a commanding lead, made it quite clear that she sees Trump as her only threat to winning the presidency.

During her speech on Tuesday, Clinton seemed ready to move past the primaries and focus on the general election. She criticized Trump and the Republican Party, and appealed to Sanders’ supporters to unite behind her, a notion that is not likely to happen.

Speaking at a rally in West Virginia, Sanders reiterated the main themes of his campaign, noting that his campaign started as a long shot and is now performing better in the polls against Trump than Clinton. The Vermont senator criticized the closed primary format, adding that independents don’t have a say in picking the Democratic nominee, even though their votes count in the general election.

“Three million people in New York could not vote because they were independent,” Sanders said. Sanders performs exceptionally well in open primary states, and his one win of the evening, Rhode Island, is also an open primary state. He won by 11% in the state.

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