Ted Cruz Offers Reluctant Trump Endorsement

Ted Cruz, former Trump opponent in the Republican race, officially and reluctantly endorsed Donald Trump on Saturday, CNN reports. Cruz refused to disavow his criticism of the Republican nominee, but says he made the best decision possible.

Just one day after his endorsement, Cruz was on the campaign trail stumping for Trump. He argued that the Republican candidate was the only way to stop Hillary Clinton. Cruz never said Trump was “fit” to be president, nor did he take back his attacks on the nominee. But he refrained from criticizing his former opponent.

“I have had many, many disagreements with Donald Trump,” he said. “I don’t think it’s productive to criticize the Republican nominee today.”

Mike Pence, Trump’s running mate, assured that Trump’s Supreme Court justice nominations would come from a list of 21 justices circulated by the campaign. Hours before Cruz’s endorsement, Sen. Mike Lee, Cruz’s closest friend in the Senate, was added to the list by Trump.

When pressed on questions of whether Trump is fit to be president, Cruz refused to answer.

“I think we have one of two choices,” he said.

Dodging questions on whether he supported Trump’s policies, Cruz said a Clinton presidency would be far grimmer. Cruz encouraged all of Texas to “vote their conscience” in the election.

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