Ted Cruz: Republicans Could Block Supreme Court Seat Indefinitely Under Democratic President

Senator Ted Cruz stated that Republicans may block any Democratic appointment of a Supreme Court seat indefinitely. The Senator stated that there has been a long history of having fewer justices.

He also stated that the vacancy hasn’t stopped the Supreme Court from doing its job.

President Barack Obama has faced a blockage for his nominee, Merrick Garland. Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake suggested that the GOP appoint Garland in fear of who Clinton would appoint as president.

Arizona Senator John McCain stated earlier in the month that Republicans will unite to block a Supreme Court appointment under Clinton.

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid commented on the matter, stating that lowering the nominee to 60 votes for a simple majority may be the answer to blockages in the future.

“We need to treat it like the constitutional crisis it will be if Democrats don’t take back the Senate majority,” stated Reid.

Reid also stated that Cruz and McCain have given away the Republican plan on the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court justices have stated that the lack of another justice has made their job much more difficult. Reid said “the Founding Fathers would roll over in their graves” when discussing a smaller Supreme Court.

He stated that the blockage could lead to 7 or 6 justices, which would have a drastic impact on Democracy.

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