Ted Cruz’s Campaign Confidence Crumbles as Candidate Tries to Project Strength

Ted Cruz’s camp is beginning to lose confidence, leaving advisors worried. Cruz lost by a landslide in numerous contests against Donald Trump, but the candidate maintained that he could win the GOP nomination.

Several of Cruz’s aides have talked with news outlets under anonymity that there is a growing fear that Cruz will lose in Indiana this coming Thursday. A major loss would be the last straw for Cruz, a candidate that is mathematically eliminated from the race and seems to be staying in the race only to lure away potential delegates from Trump, who is fighting to reach 1,237 delegates.

The most recent polls show Cruz behind Trump in Indiana despite closing the gap. Cruz tapped Carly Fiorina as his running mate should he be elected, and the announcement did little to sway voters his way.

A loss on Tuesday would dampen Cruz’s campaign even further and will likely be the end of Cruz’s bid to be the GOP nominee. One senior aide for Cruz’s campaign stated that there have been no discussions of dropping out of the race before June 7, but did note that Cruz would drop out if he was sure he couldn’t win the race.

Cruz has shown no signs of fear or worry in respects to his campaign’s future.

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