Trump Goes on Attack Heading into SC Primaries with Jeb Bush in Crosshairs

New York billionaire Donald Trump is heading into the South Carolina primaries on the offensive. Trump won the New Hampshire Republican primaries by a landslide, and the Republicans have already descended on the state on Wednesday trying to secure votes ahead of the February 20 primary.

Trump spoke at a rodeo arena near Clemson University on Wednesday, stating, “We won big. We won by a lot.” A crowd of 3,000 people gathered to hear Trump speak, and he stated that, “When you win a victory, you don’t need to sleep.” The rally began with a prayer and a pastor stating that “Trump believes in Jesus Christ.”

Following the opening, Trump went on the offensive against Jeb Bush who must win the South Carolina primary if he intends to continue his bid for presidency. Trump stated that Jeb Bush spent more than all the other candidates in New Hampshire, and he was barely able to reach fourth or fifth place.

Breaking out into a rant, Trump attacked Jeb Bush’s education and immigration plans, and he stated that Jeb Bush “loves weak borders.” Catering to the audience, Trump also stated that he is against political correctness, and even pointed out that you don’t see “Merry Christmas” in department stores anymore. South Carolina is known to be a religious state, and opening the ceremony with a prayer and discussing Christmas garnered a roar from the crowd.

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