Trump Target of White Supremacist Advertisement by Clinton Campaign

Hillary Clinton’s campaign released a new advertisement on Thursday showing Imperial Wizard Rebel Brigade of the KKK stating Trump “would be best for the job.” The video alleges that white supremacists support Donald Trump because he believes what they believe in.

The minute-long advertisement shows several leaders of neo-Nazi and KKK groups supporting Trump. The video ends with the stark message “If Trump wins, they could be running the country.”

Trump’s campaign fired back at the new advertisement, calling it a “new low.”

Trump mentioned the video at a rally on Thursday in New Hampshire. The Republican stated that Clinton is using “the oldest play in the Democratic playbook.” The video was released on the same day that Clinton was scheduled to give a speech on “alt-right.”

The political movement is a movement that opposes immigration and multiculturalism. Trump is said to have started the movement.

Clinton has been on an all-out attack of Donald Trump in recent weeks. The Democrat is in the lead in polls across the country, and she has been campaigning for donations all month. This past week, Clinton raised $19 million in California to help fund her campaign. The former secretary of state raised nearly $90 million in July.

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