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Democrat Won’t Say Whether or Not He Wants to Prosecute Gun Owners

Rep. Ted Deutch, a Democrat from Florida, appeared on CNN Friday to discuss the left’s biggest bugaboo – the sale of what they insist on calling “assault weapons.” In the interview, with anchor Kate Bolduan, Deutch made the oft-stated argument that “weapons of war” should not be sold to civilians. Deutch’s interview came on the heels of an op-ed written by his California colleague, Eric Swalwell, who wrote that not only should Democrats push for an assault weapons ban, they should implement a national gun buyback and prosecute any who defy the order to sell their rifles back to law enforcement.

On Friday, Deutch was asked if he agreed with that plan.

“Listen, there are gun buyback programs that exist in some communities, and if people choose to turn in their guns, certainly law enforcement is working with them to do that,” he said. “I think what we ought to do and what the NRA always refuses –“

“But is Swalwell going a step too far when he says that people should be held criminally responsible if they don’t turn over their weapons?” Bolduan asked.

“Well, I think what’s important is to stop the production of weapons of war that don’t belong on our streets,” he said “Just remember this, it was just about 90 years ago also on Valentine’s Day that a massacre in Chicago led Congress to say we can’t have all these machine guns on our streets. No one has questioned that decision. Now it was another massacre on Valentine’s Day here in Parkland that should prompt Congress to say we can’t have all these assault weapons on our streets.”

Notice that Deutch wouldn’t say whether or not he supported the idea of prosecuting gun owners who refused to cooperate with a buyback program. Likely, he waffled because he didn’t want to anger flanks on either the left or the right, but we should be disturbed by any lawmaker who thinks that this kind of Second Amendment violation would result in anything less than chaos and bloodshed. You don’t have to be “pro-gun” to believe this; you just have to have some semblance of common sense.

It is the hallmark of the Democratic Party to identify a problem and then make it ten times worse through the passage of progressive legislation. This is exactly what they aim to do when it comes to gun control. Leaving millions of Americans as sitting ducks in gun-free zones, preventing endangered citizens from arming themselves, and jailing people who innocently cross state lines where the rules are completely different. Now they want to go the extra mile and spark a situation that would put both American civilians and law enforcement personnel in mortal danger. All in the name of reducing violence?

Please let us not go down this road. This results will not be pretty.

Written by Andrew

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