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    Jill Biden Embarrassed on Jumbotron

    Jill Biden was loudly booed at the Eagles vs Cowboys game Sunday night at the Lincoln Financial Field in her home town of Philadelphia (she was born in Jersey and grew up in Philly). Dr. Jill attended the NFL game Sunday night to promote breast cancer awareness. Joe Biden’s nurse and handler Jill didn’t get […] More

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    Video: Jill Biden Pushes Joe Off Stage

    Joe Biden is completely shot. Joe and Jill Biden on Friday hosted a reception to celebrate the Jewish New Year. Kamala Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff also attended the celebration in the East Room. Biden delivered brief remarks before exiting stage left. But he got lost and needed a nudge from Dr. Jill.  VIDEO: […] More

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    Biden Will Soon Be Hooked Up to a Machine?

    79-year-old Brain-Dead Biden appears to be deteriorating at a pace typically seen in late-stage dementia patients, says clinician. Clinician Dr. Kelly Victory joins The Alex Jones Show on Monday to break down how Joe Biden’s cognitive faculties are deteriorating at an accelerated pace typically seen in late-stage dementia patients. Original Article: More

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    Shocking “Hunter Laptop” Update

    Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive likely holds the answer to House Republican questions over President Joe Biden’s son’s Chinese business deals, including his efforts to work out U.S. natural gas deals with a Chinese government-linked energy conglomerate. Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the ranking member on the House Oversight and Reform Committee, sent letters to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in May, June, and […] More

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    Biden Was Doing What With a 12-Yr-Old?

    President Joe Biden raised some eyebrows on Friday when he made a comment that likely did not come across the way he intended. While speaking at the National Education Association, the president spoke about a variety of issues, including schooling across America, something that has become a top issue going into November’s midterms. At one […] More

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    Uh Oh, Biden’s Off His Meds

    It’s been easy to make fun of Joe Biden videos since long before he became President (allegedly). Go back to my late high school/early college days, and there is Biden in all his video glory, going off on unhinged rants about grades and awards he never received, or IQ points he never possessed. And then […] More

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    Hunter Biden Refusing to Pay

    Hunter Biden reportedly has requested to have child support payments for the daughter he conceived out-of-wedlock with former stripper Lunden Roberts lowered, citing financial hardships. According to recently filed court documents, Hunter Biden claimed that “financial circumstances” have made him unable to meet the initially agreed upon child support payments for his now 4-year-old daughter, Navy […] More

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    Biden’s Family Seriously Questioning His Fitness

    Many Americans have expressed concerns over the mental and physical well-being of President Joe Biden. Fox News host Tucker Carlson said that he knows of members of Biden’s own family that are concerned about his fitness for the presidency. “Fox News host Tucker Carlson joined my radio program this week, and he had a lot to say […] More

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    Watch: Biden Called a P——– to His Face

    President Joe Biden was heckled at a campaign rally in Rockville, Maryland Thursday evening by a man who yelled, “You stole the election!” Biden took a break from his most recent vacation to attend the rally in the gymnasium of Richard Montgomery High School in the suburb of Washington DC. Candidates at the event included Maryland Democratic gubernatorial […] More

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    Betsy DeVos Alleges Biden Sexually Assaulted Her in a Wheelchair

    Former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos says President Joe Biden’s uncomfortable physical treatment of her several years ago when she was in a wheelchair amounted to the proposed legal definition of sexual harassment. DeVos discussed Biden’s new Title IX changes during an interview with Megyn Kelly, sharing the “one encounter” she allegedly had with Biden […] More

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    This Might Be Biden’s Biggest Lie

    Among the various programs incorporated into President Biden’s falsely named Inflation Reduction Act the one that Democrats promote the most is the reductions in the cost of prescription drugs.  So, they say.  It is based on the plan to have Medicare “negotiate” drug prices with the pharmaceutical companies. If you are hoping to see a […] More

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    Hunter Made Millions After Oversees Meetings

    Hunter Biden reportedly met with his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, in the White House on multiple occasions immediately following meetings with Romanian officials, presumably pertaining to a high-profile deal he was involved in with Romanian real estate mogul Gabriel Popoviciu. Hunter met with Biden three times from July 2015 to March 2016 about helping […] More

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