CNN Horrified That Betsy DeVos Would Visit an “Anti-Transgender” School

We’ve probably got packs of chewing gum that are older than school policies allowing transgender students to freely express their “gender identity” in the hallways and classrooms, but the left thinks that this is some kind of established cultural norm that is inviolable by all but the most extreme bigots. Never mind, as we talked about yesterday, that many prominent psychiatrists and medical professionals find it extraordinarily disturbing that we’re normalizing the phony idea that you can be “born in the wrong body.” No, transgender people are perfectly normal, perfectly healthy, and deserve to be treated as whatever gender they tell us they are.

So it was with this idiotic philosophy that CNN ripped into Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for having the audacity to visit a “Pennsylvania Catholic school that subscribes to an anti-trans student policy.”

Oh, that sounds dreadful. Are they stringing transgender students up by their skirts and whipping them with flogging ropes outside the school?

Well, not exactly. Harrisburg Catholic Elementary School has this simple policy on the books: “When parents enroll a child in a Catholic school in the diocese they agree that they will not publicly act in opposition to Catholic teaching. Notification of a student’s determination to undergo a sex change procedure or that a student has undergone the procedure (condition #2 as described above) would violate that agreement. The student would be ineligible to attend or remain in attendance in a Catholic school.”

Right. So this school’s awful “anti-trans” policy is that if your ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENT has a SEX CHANGE, they will no longer be eligible to attend this private, Catholic school.

Guess we’re old-fashioned, but that sounds pretty damned reasonable to us.

“The school visit isn’t DeVos’ first brush with controversy over transgender rights,” reported CNN. “In 2017, the Trump administration withdrew Obama-era protections for transgender students in public schools that let them use bathrooms and other facilities corresponding with their gender identity. DeVos originally opposed a draft of the Trump administration’s plan for withdrawing the protections, sources told CNN at the time.”

Well, we question whether this really is a “controversy” at all, except in the minds of people who report for CNN. If it is, then it says more about the state of the country than it does about DeVos’s morality or the rules of the Catholic Church.

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